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Want To Improve Your Return On Ad Spend?

Create ads that boost your sales and make you more money in just 3 days

Apply the proven strategies I've used to generate $2,000,000 from Facebook Ads to YOUR business.

Create Scroll-Stopping Ads

Get More Leads

Improve ROAS

Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Did you know that over 76% of ad spend is typically wasted on ads that don't convert?

Not having an optimized Facebook Ads strategy leads to wasted money, missed opportunities and limited growth for your business.You may as well be throwing money out the window.And the sad part is most founders don't even know how much better their ads can be.Which I hate to see happen.Because Facebook ads can literally double your business.No, seriously.According to Nielsen following creative best practices can drive a 1.2 – 7.4x increase in sales!That's why I created the Creative Strategy Audit.

Stop aimlessly spending and
start acquiring new customers, with confidence.

Gain actionable insights with my in-depth audit of your ad account — delivered through a detailed personalized video.
Here are some of the questions I'll answer:

Campaign Setup

→ Are your campaigns set up with the proper conversion goals?
→ Are you campaigns set up with the proper bid strategy?


→ Are you attracting the proper audience?
→ Does your creative + copy speak to your target audience?


→ Is your creative capturing attention effectively?
→ Do you know your thumbstop and hold rate?


→ Do you communicate your value proposition clearly?
→ Does you use fundamental copywriting frameworks?

Landing Page

→ Does the messaging of the ad match the landing page?
→ Are you consistently improving your conversion rate?

And so much more including:

→ How to structure your ads for different segments of your audience
→ How to make high-converting creative for YOUR business
→ How to leverage psychology to turn wants into needs
→ How to organize your creative testing

100% money-back guarantee.
If you don't feel I've added value to your business, you can get a full refund within 7 days, no questions asked

Is this you?

😱 Struggling to acquire new customers?
❌ Not seeing the results you want from Facebook Ads?
💸 Your new customer acquisition cost is far too expensive?
Not sure how to scale your business with ads?
You need an ad account audit.

Ditch generic online advice that doesn't apply to your business.

Get a comprehensive analysis with tailored strategies to YOUR business.

A personalized video audit

Your roast is a 15-20 minute private, personalized video audit detailing what you've missed and how to improve your ads.

Fixes identified

Get specific fixes to your campaign set up, targeting, copy, design, and landing page.

Don't lose new customers

Watch your ROAS increase, and your CAC drop. Sleep peacefully knowing your ads are working hard to turn scrollers into customers.

Higher ROAS, Lower CAC

It's not too late - don't lose another potential customer. Your full video roast will be with you within 3 business days.

After the audit you'll:🤝 No longer struggle to create ads that convert scrollers into buyers
⏳ Save time so you can focus on your most important tasks
💰 Stop wasting money on ads that don't convert

Get the clarity and confidence to grow your business with Facebook Ads

How It Works: 4 simple steps to increase return on ad spend

Expert Review, Rapid Turnaround

  1. Book An Audit: Submit your URL and answer some simple questions to help me understand your business, target audience, and current state of advertising.

  2. Email Confirmation: Once you've completed the questionnaire, I'll send you an email confirming receipt and get started on the audit.

  3. ROAS-Increasing Opportunities Identified: Within 3 business days I will email you an in-depth video auditing your ad account, identifying the most important areas to improve your ROAS.

  4. Scale With Confidence: You'll make the changes and watch your CAC decrease and ROAS increase.

I'm Josh 👋

  • I'm a Toronto-based expert growth marketer with 7 years experience in Facebook Ads

  • I work with early stage startups to scale their advertising and grow revenue

  • I've generated well over $2,000,000 in attributable revenue

  • I spent 500+ hours researching marketing psychology for my Master's thesis at New York University

  • I've supported over 1,000 marketers and founders with my free marketing resources, LinkedIn posts and newsletter

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready To Generate More Revenue From Your Facebook Ads?

Creative Strategy Audit

Never second guess your ad account again


One-time payment

  • Step-by-step action plan to improve your ads

  • Tips on how to find winning creatives

  • Recommendations on how to scale

  • Holistic review of your ad account

  • Completed in 3 business days

  • 100% money-back guarantee

If you don't feel I've added value to your business, you can get a full refund within 7 days, no questions asked

P.S. Prices will rise after every 20 audits I conduct. Book your audit now to get in at the lowest price it will ever be!

These founders improved their ads with me:

Imagine a month from now, seeing your ad spend finally bringing in the high-quality leads and conversions you’ve been striving for and you're growing your business with clarity.
Grab your Creative Strategy Audit and that future can be yours.
Don’t wait – your competitors aren’t!

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